Spiritus Systems | Superior Defense

We’ve been in talks with Spiritus Systems for a second now. During these talk we decided that we would do some products together and one of them would be a shirt and hoodie. So let’s pray to whatever you pray to and hope this does well enough to bring some nylon in to the picture. Spiritus | Supdef – Wild thing tees and hoodies will be a ***PRE ORDER**

Yes, A pre order and because there will be new customers coming over from Spiritus. Let’s get this shit out of the way. You will order this shit and it will ship in 4-5 Weeks from pre order date. Christmas and New Years being so close to each other means that our printers are closed! Don’t get pissy and ask for a refund because you’re impatient.

Lastly, this pre order will be open for 24 hours. 10am pst – 10am pst. Meaning you literally can not miss this release. So tell your dog , your mom, your cousin and your twitter account. 24 hour pre sale for this.

Tees – $30.00

Hoodies – 70.00

12/25 | 10am pst | http://www.Supdef.com

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