Self addressed stamped program

How this shit works. We have PVC wild thing patches and a fuck ton of them . They are for sale and you have to do a little bit of work to obtain them. If you want one of these things you need to do the following.


  • Send a Self addressed stamped envelope to us. ( meaning send an envelope with another envelope inside that is addressed to yourself from supdef with stamps or a label already on it) google how to self addressed stamped.
  • $15.00 cash. NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN. If you send over 15 bucks we will send you some stickers.
  • 1 per envelope.
  • again $15.00 in a self addressed stamped envelope.
  • Address :3945 W Reno Ave suite A Las Vegas, NV 89118

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for lost or stolen letters . we are not responsible for the mail getting lost. we are not responsible for slow carriers. we are not responsible for the carrier you choose to use fucking up. use whatever carrier you would like but we are not responsible for anything other than putting the item in the envelope. if you cannot follow the instructions , your money will be spent on burgers at crazy horse III.

good luck.

12 thoughts on “Self addressed stamped program

  1. Hey, hate to pry but have these all gone out? Just curious if my letter got lost in the mail or if y’all have just been a bit busy w life, etc. Nbd either way, just wanted to figure out.


      1. Is it safe to say if we haven’t received our return letter by now, the money is in the crazy horse fund or my mail carrier fucked up? Still haven’t received anything back (I understand it is what is it sometimes, just wanna know if I should stop checking the mailbox daily). Ty.


  2. What if we sent one envelope with two self addressed envelopes and money for two patches in it? And something extra to get you guys lunch? Am I good or should I learn how to read better?

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