Wild Thing Update

As shit starts to roll out of the shop … keep in mind that USPS is still a bunch of fucking clowns. We don’t have any control if your shit gets sent to a different post office then back to you . First update : Hats are here and will start shipping today, Shirts are starting to roll out in waves. WE SHOULD be full steam ahead on getting everything out starting Monday.

Yes, someone on the internet got their shit before you , it happens.

You are not the only person who ordered and there are other orders in front of yours.

You will receive tracking as soon as it hits the mainstream. If you dont have tracking it’s because it hasn’t shipped yet.

Update PT2.

All shirts have landed and we are getting shit out the door. Give us a few days before you bug us about “where is my order , someone on IG got theirs before me”

One thought on “Wild Thing Update

  1. I mailed a package last week from here in Missouri that was headed to New Jersey and the post office decided to route it through Boise, Idaho…. 🤯


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