More Dad Hats?

No surprise here. Maroon and gold dad hats. Why? We have been lifting a lot and having a good hat for clanging and banging is a must. I know you don’t care why so here it is. 10/12 10am Pst .. this week there will be some more updates for the next release.

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9.28.2020 | 10AM PST

Round 1 of the NM release. Champion hoodies and tee’s Monday 9.28.2020 | 10Am Pst | Yes , this will be a pre order, They should be shipping 2-3 weeks after your order is placed. We are also returning back to our 60/40 soft as shit tee’s and as always using champion for our […]

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Where is my Wahoo hat?

Yes, we have seen your DM, and here is your answer. They are in production and late due to the world being fucking dumb about Corona. remember this was a pre-order and the timeline was 2-3 weeks. ¬†Once your order ships, you will receive a tracking number via email.   we promise we didn’t spend […]

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