Murse Mega Info Thread

The Murse Mega Info Post  Price: $100.00 Size: 10x8x2 Internal mesh pocket  Loop back panel  Front Pocket Color: Bluu Yes, It is a pre order  Will ship in 6-8 weeks ( or some covid excuse )  10am pst | 11.9 |    

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25 Till

As summer finally gets the fuck out of here, we can finally start shooting earlier. I wont lie and and say I was fully paying attention to the time when I said what time we should all meet up. Well that lasted for all of 30 mins before it got dark. Guess we should really […]

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It’s Wednesday my dudes!

Here’s a rad update for you guys. The murse has been updated to now be bluu. I have decided that I wanted to wear this thing around the pool at the the Wynn and it had to be in a non camo bag. Also for size reference … it holds a 28OZ Haribo gummy bear […]

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