Sub gun bag.

Everyone wants a bigger bag.. We wanted a smaller bag, enter the Wastebin. Coming in at 20″x10″x4″ this is the sub gun bag that we came up with to be used with small rifles and most of the current sub guns on the market.



side by side with the Trashbag.

Trashbags come in at 26″ OAL and the Wastebin is sitting a hair shorter at 20″. The other thing is that it is taller at 10″ to accommodate the taller optics like Eotechs that guys are running on their MP5’s ….. and by guys I mean us.


Dont own a sub gun but have a pistol?  The way this bag is shaped you can easily fit a 10.5 gun split apart with sandwich bags above the upper the lower. Truly is a pretty fucking tight bag when it comes down to it.


Drop date : 5|20|19

As always this is a pre sale and will be limited.




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