Wastebin / Bird Bag overview.

The Wastebin and Bird bag both drop Monday 5.20.19 at 10AM PST! If you are reading this then you already know this and youre just here for the shitty video posted below!

IF you didn’t know that , now you do! The dimensions of the Wastebin are as follows , 20″x10″4″ and is designed to be used with broken down SBR’s and Sub guns in the 20″ category.  The bird bag dimensions are as follows , 10″x8″x3″  and is designed to hold things in all the bags! I for one use mine as a packing cube in the citadel and depending on how many mags I have ill use it as a mag carrier in the wastebin.

Anyways.. overview video is below!


BIRD BAG -03083


2 thoughts on “Wastebin / Bird Bag overview.

  1. I know this original post is super old… in the event that anyone sees this: what holster is that on the Staccato?


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