Jammers go to Hammers

If you don’t know about King of the Hammers then you need to get educated on the raddest desert race to exist. Yes, I know about the Baja 1000 but it isn’t shit compared to KOH. Every year at the beginning  of February thousands of assholes with desert toys end up in Lucerne valley , Ca.  The core group of DNN dudes have been going to KOH for 9 year now , and every year it gets bigger and bigger.

Even though this shit show might be blown out and too many people who cant handle their booze and freedom show up, its still a wild fun time.   As you drive into the middle of nowhere you’ll start to see a dust cloud the size of New Mexico covering the valley where hammer town is located.  Amongst the first things you start to see is the most fucked up rock crawler and other desert rigs driving around while being surrounded by trailers and toy haulers.


We typically dont actually go for the race just happen to be there for the race on Friday and Saturday.  Half of us rolled into hammer town Thursday and met up with everyone else.  Setting up camp in the daylight isnt something that happens often for this group… Photo Feb 06, 5 24 36 AMHAMMERS-6575HAMMERS-6573


Random Rigs I snagged photos of.


I showed up Thursday night and left Friday around noon, had to get back to vegas to ramp up for getting shit out from this last drop . Meanwhile the rest of those guys all stayed until Saturday night to catch more of the shit show.  If you have the ability to get to hammers one of these times… make sure you get out there. The amount of YouTube and photos dont do it justice. There is so much shit going on and worth your time .


Till next time King of the Hammers.



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