2.15 Mega info thread

02.15.21 | 10 am pst | supdef.com

Black Bong bag

these have been on order so the wait time on this should be shorter. SHOULD BE! but still a pre order. 6-8 weeks to cover the bullshit covid excuses people are using still.

  • Black 500D
  • high vis orange interior
  • padded 
  • removable padded lid 
  • removable padded dividers
  • $140.00



Right out of the gate. sorry for posting that these weren’t ready. Some shit changed and they are here and ready to go. This will be a straight to DVD release. They are printed sitting in the warehouse and will start shipping Monday.

 The size chart above is different the our normal size charts,  shirts are printed on heavy weight comfort color blanks and the hoodies are printed on indy4000 blanks. 

Call your mommy or your grandma and ask them how to size yourself for the above measurements. 

  • Tees $30.00
  • Hoodies $70.00



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