Shipping times – USPS

Currently USPS is delayed about 10-14 days in transit with everything. So if you are lucky enough to get your shit on time, be stoked. But the rest of you guys make sure you bother the Post office about your shit. If you have a tracking number and it shows that its still IN- TRANSIT then it is exactly that, in transit.

Please give it a little bit more time before blowing us up with ” Where is my package, this is my tracking ” We do not work for the post office, we dont have any control of anything once it leaves the shop.

Now if your shit doesn’t show any movement on the bar and just shows that the label was created, that is most likely our fault and we can take care of you.

One thought on “Shipping times – USPS

  1. I just got blasted with negative feedback for this today on ebay. Even though I spoke to the jackass about it yesterday. I shipped his package out one hour after he paid. Sorry my magic 8ball can’t tell me when your package will arrive from usps. 🤦‍♀️


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