DCU Dumpster Mega Thread

Internal dimensions 8x12x28 | 45 Liter ( ROUGHLY )

6 Internal Mesh Pockets

1 external pocket

Loop on the inside length and width on one side.

$245.00 | 10sm pst |4.26.21| supdef.com

Now for the shitty part. Yes, the price went up; yes, it’s cause everything is fucking expensive to make right now. These were supposed to be in production four weeks ago, and we ran into an issue with the DCU material. So this might be a decent wait, maybe longer than 6-8 weeks. Now I have been told that it will be 6-8 weeks, and that’s what I will carry over into this blog post.

They are a fixed number, and they are a Pre-order, unfortunately, like the old days. IM FUCKING SORRY! We have to keep to the schedule, or else things get messed up down the road. Good luck.

6 thoughts on “DCU Dumpster Mega Thread

  1. If they’re pre-order, why the set number?
    Personal preference? (Limited number)


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