Forward /Supdef Vegas Clean Up Mega Info Thread

Between FOG and Us we really have not talked about this too much, mostly because we don’t really know to expect and or know what the fuck we are doing. This idea came come FOG wanting to do some community outreach shit and what better way to do it with some shooting spot clean up.

Just to be clear, This is our first “event” we are putting on so don’t expect it to run smoothly.

When: 07/31/ 2021 Saturday 8am pst We are all going to be hanging out and meeting up at the location below around 830-9am and then we will head into the back and clean some shit up.

WHERE : Las Vegas , NV Latitude 35.855367 Longitude – 115.255511

The closest hotel to where we will cleaning is the M resort, Ive crashed a few parties here and it is a rad spot away from the strip. There is food around this area along with a gas station right next door. If you are driving in then you most likely have been to vegas and have figured out where to stay or

We will be providing water and trash bags and trying to source a hotdog cart. If you have never been to a desert in the summer, it’s going to be warm. Wear fucking sunscreen and drink water. The idea behind this shit is to be able to bring like minded people together to hang out and do something worth a fuck for the community. We aren’t even sure how many people are going to be showing up or at all.

The other thing is please don’t show up in full kit with a slung rifle . no need to kook it up while we are out there dying of heat exhaustion trying to tell shit your pants stories.


If you do show up to this thing… we made some tanks that you can only get when you are there. I may even bully FOG and the warehouse dudes to drag out some merch and have a cash only garage sale for everyone who decides to make the trek out.

One thought on “Forward /Supdef Vegas Clean Up Mega Info Thread

  1. Fuck yeah! But your fucked bro.. better have lots of water and merch cuz a fuck ton of groms are going to show up
    Just sayin…


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