9.20 | 10am pst | supdef.com

This will be a 24 hour presale. Same as always, Monday morning 10am pst – Tuesday 10am pst.

el supdef tees and hoodies and something else well toss up.

60/40 Black Tee ( our normal blank )

100% heavy weight cotton hoodie.


tees – $30.00

hoodies – $75.00 ( Yes there is a price increase with hoodies. blank pricing has gone up along with freight. Thanks covid / Biden )

Sizing chart is down below


  • This is a pre order.
  • It may take up to 5 weeks for it to start shipping.
  • Don’t email us looking for info on your order when its been 8 days claiming it has been a month. 
  • Other people will get theirs before you, you are not the only person who ordered merch.
  • This is a pre order.
  • again this is a pre order and may take up to 5 weeks before shit starts shipping.
  • You will receive tracking as soon as your package hits the mail stream. 
  • If you email us asking where your shit is because you saw someone got theirs on IG, You will get this Disclaimer sent to you.

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