Tanky the tank kids shit – MEGA INFO THREAD.

First off We want to thank absolutely everyone who has supported us here at Supdef and the fact that you guys want kids shit is beyond wild, so here you go! These should be pretty safe for work or school being as it is a tank ( TANKS ARE TIGHT! ) with nods… because putting nods on everything makes people mad. Side note, this tank is a nod to the best Pixar movie ever created so…. there you go, if you have kids you’ll get the reference.

This is going to be a pre order, it will be open for 24 hour to make sure everyone gets their order in for those little ones in your life. Size chart is down at the bottom and blanks will be 100% cotton.

2.23.22 | 3pm pst | supdef.com

hoodies – $50.00

tees- $25.00


  • This is a pre order.
  • It may take up to 6 weeks for it to start shipping.
  • Don’t email us looking for info on your order when its been 8 days claiming it has been a month. 
  • Other people will get theirs before you, you are not the only person who ordered merch.
  • This is a pre order.
  • again this is a pre order and may take up to 6 weeks before shit starts shipping.
  • You will receive tracking as soon as your package hits the mail stream. 
  • If you email us asking where your shit is because you saw someone got theirs on IG, You will get this Disclaimer sent to you.

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