01.30 | 10am pst |

The Crowbar is a 12″ SBS that came about after leaving Peppermint Hippo at 2am on a Tuesday….. Anyways here it is. 2 things on this release. First being the shotguns itself, if you are un aware of Vang Comp then you need to get up to speed. This shotgun has been completely worked over and tuned to be the smoothest pump shotgun you can get your hands on. These will include a SBS Vang Comp lawn chair bag and an Aimpoint Acro P2. Yes, we bought all the P2’s for these shotguns.

Second, We are releasing the Vang Comp Lawn Chair bag separate for this release as well.

Black with Arid guts made for the Crowbar.

Crowbar $2500.00

SBS Lawn Chair Bag $90.00

Vang Comp x Superior Defense Crowbar

R68865 870 Fieldmaster

12″ SBS

Aimpoint ACRO P-2

VC – ACRO Mount

VCS internal barrel mod w/ ports

VC-114 Dome Safety

VC-112 Stainless Steel

Modified stock and forend

Cut and crown barrel

Vent Rib

Brass bead sight

Reliability upgrade

Cerakote HIR-265

This is the shit you need to read. 

Shotguns will be posted on the website at 10am pst. They will not be marked on the website as Shotguns for one simple reason . We do not want to lose our payment processor. There will NOT be a photo of the Shotgun but just the letter VCSG.

These will be shipping UPS so be prepared for that. 


You must send your order confirmation along with your FFL that you are using’s information or a copy of your FFL. 

If you do not get that information to us within 24 hours….. you will receive 80% of your funds back and we will be using it to throw at strippers. Please dear ( what ever fucking god you pray to ) send us your FFL info !


 All NFA Regulations apply. Each state’s laws dictate what can or cannot be possessed in its own state. Some county’s within each state are different as well. Please contact your local ATF Field office with any ATF questions or concerns you may have. SUPERIOR DEFENSE LLC reserves the right to use discretion when selling to each individual state.


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