Shit, update.

  If you ordered something from the last drop it is on its way, as with everything else supply chain has been effected. Also, we haven’t decided on the 4/6 drop for the short bus because of current times mainly because we aren’t trying to be giant fucking assholes and take your money during this […]

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Cowtown NVG Match

Friday night Cowtown NVG match in AZ is something that I wasnt ever planning on driving out to. Yet Nate ( wasteland kooks ) and Eric ( echo arms ) and my self made the trip and drove about 4 hours from Vegas to shoot this match.  If you are from AZ can please explain […]

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Back again with the M4!

I know I already wrote about needing a M4 if you don’t already have one. Well you already know I am back here letting you know that you need one, again.  This reasoning I am trying to pass onto everyone else is based off the fact that I bring the gun out every time I […]

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