Cowtown NVG Match

Friday night Cowtown NVG match in AZ is something that I wasnt ever planning on driving out to. Yet Nate ( wasteland kooks ) and Eric ( echo arms ) and my self made the trip and drove about 4 hours from Vegas to shoot this match.  If you are from AZ can please explain to me why the fuck everything is a back road and there is shit ass service everywhere in the state, thanks.  Other than the small shit I complained about during the drive there, Az is such a rad state.


Spotted this support stickers at a Mac D’s. I wonder how often they get out of tickets with this.AZ-4195

How about a 4 hour drive right into a safety briefing at 5:45? Shit, why not. We all landed at the range around the same time and starting loading mags and getting prepped to shoot this thing that none of us have ever been at. Now all of us have some sort of competitive shooting experience but never under noodles.  Side note, Nate and I both had PC’s on since shooting with new people under noodles is something that makes me double think the safety aspect and in the end there wasn’t shit to worry about. The AZ crew has everything down to a science and are all solid shooters.  Now that we know we wont get shot while trying to game , ill be able to leave the PC at home.


AZ-4299( DCU Bong Bag & DCU Dumpster)


Eric and I both showed up with Noveske 9mm guns and ran them with Taylor freelance mag extensions with tuned springs and followers, Still fucking love these things.  Take note at Erics Space invader NSD with a Wolfman buried under that rail. That thing is quite as all hell and super fun to shoot. It kinda makes me want another Noveske sub gun, dammit.




Shout out to the AZ crew who put on the night shoot along with all the dudes in squad 2 for being super solid dudes and letting a few new idiots into the group. Cowtown is a great shooting complex that host alot of different types of shooting, and I for one cant wait to get back out there to shoot either  NVG outlaw matches again or maybe even AR precision match.


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