By now you should already know all the details and how this shit works. But for whatever reason you dont, here is what is dropping tomorrow 6/3 10AM PST on the site. Supdef X Brown Buffalo Conceal sling – $140.00 ( over view video here ) El Supdef making its way back after a 4 […]

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Plain Jane Trash Bag

If you are one of the few people who read the blog post on the website than you will be lucky to see the first non teaser photo of the new black trash bag in ballistic nylon.  Anyways here it is and dont think that there isn’t also a sandwich bag going with it.  because […]

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Trash Bag overview

Between all the DM’s and other  things ive been sent, here is the video you all asked for. It is absolutely nothing special but it shows exactly what the Trash Bag is and what you are getting  ( if you were lucky enough to get one ) .  Short and sweet with nothing in between! […]

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