Shit, update.

  If you ordered something from the last drop it is on its way, as with everything else supply chain has been effected. Also, we haven’t decided on the 4/6 drop for the short bus because of current times mainly because we aren’t trying to be giant fucking assholes and take your money during this […]

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Are these two related?

It sucks when someone shows up wearing the same hoody as you , doesn’t it? Im pretty sure it happens more often than not with these two. And since Drake ( youngster ) hasn’t ever shot pistol dot torture test, I made sure to bring some targets out and make him shoot some drills. Its […]

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By now you should already know all the details and how this shit works. But for whatever reason you dont, here is what is dropping tomorrow 6/3 10AM PST on the site. Supdef X Brown Buffalo Conceal sling – $140.00 ( over view video here ) El Supdef making its way back after a 4 […]

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