Shit, update.

  If you ordered something from the last drop it is on its way, as with everything else supply chain has been effected. Also, we haven’t decided on the 4/6 drop for the short bus because of current times mainly because we aren’t trying to be giant fucking assholes and take your money during this […]

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Nodef  Chainsaw Gen 3 Uppers. 01.20.2020 | 10AM PST

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Bluu Trashbag News!

For everyone who has been emailing us and asking me about the Bluu Trashbags and why the fuck they are back when they were sold out, here you go! Bags go live on the site at 10AM PST |  9.6.19! All of the bugs are worked out and you will be able to get one […]

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By now you should already know all the details and how this shit works. But for whatever reason you dont, here is what is dropping tomorrow 6/3 10AM PST on the site. Supdef X Brown Buffalo Conceal sling – $140.00 ( over view video here ) El Supdef making its way back after a 4 […]

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Plain Jane Trash Bag

If you are one of the few people who read the blog post on the website than you will be lucky to see the first non teaser photo of the new black trash bag in ballistic nylon.  Anyways here it is and dont think that there isn’t also a sandwich bag going with it.  because […]

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NODEF lowers

A very limited run of Lowers were made and sold for a special collar we did with Noveske Rifle Works . Only 20 of these lowers exist and were sold to the public, so if you see one for sale make sure you offer that person a lot of money or you might just miss […]

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2018 Is bringing in new shit for SUPDEF. We Are moving out of the state of California and into Nevada, Las Vegas to be exact. Be on the lookout for more info . Sorry we didn’t tell you sooner! no more store front for the cool guy locals! SORRY GUYS!   Emails us if you […]

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