Navy & Orange Mega inFO THREAD

Yes, we fucked up the date of this release, it should have went up today however I was looking at the wrong month on the calendar. Fuck it, Wednesday release.

11.24 | 10 am pst |

Navy & Orange

Tee – $30.00

Long Sleeve – $40.00

Hoodie – $75.00

Sizing charts for all of you who still have your mommy buy your clothes for you.

Tees are 60/40 soft cotton with an athletic fit.

Long sleeve tee are 100% heavy weight cotton ( that shit will shrink )

Hoodies are the same as the last 4 runs of hoodies. Heavy weight cotton.


This is a release and will start shipping 11/29. Don’t email us looking for shipping info until the 31st. If you do , we will cancel your shit and donate your order to the VA.

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