The M4 and why we are making them Rad again.

The truth of the matter is that everyone has seen this shotgun and wanted one until they looked at the price tag. Meanwhile both Nate ( wasteland kooks ) and I have one. We both took our shit out today to get some rounds on steel and compare our setups.


Nates M4 H20 rocking a GGG  bolt release and oversized charging handle with an Eotech EXPS3. It also has a Full length tube installed.


After everything said and done these guns arent cheap at all and they need some different small upgrades to truly perfect them ( I think ). But once they are dialed in , they are the raddest shotgun you can own.


My M4 is setup a little differently and i ended up scoring a collapsable factory gun with a 7+1 tube with night sights for a good good price. Had to snag this thing.


Originally was hoping to find a scaler works T1 co witness mount but didn’t want to wait, so I went with the RMR co witness mount that replaces the top pic mount as you can see above and see below. I also went with the GGG control parts to make this thing easier to waste ammo with.


This thing has only gotten smoother since this first 200 rounds.

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